About Us

Darrell Thomas Textiles originally opened its doors September 18, 2000 and quickly became well known for providing the most beautiful and original dressmaking textiles in Ottawa, Canada. Darrell and Thomas opened this store with the purpose of providing the sewing community a boutique with well represented Textiles and Interior Accessories.

Now, the textiles industry will be returning to Almonte, Ontario.  Darrell Thomas Textiles has chosen 7 Mill Street Unit #101 as their new home.  Grand opening of our new store was November 17, 2020.  Darrell has established this business in Ottawa for 20 years (Anniversary Sept 18, 2020) but now feel that Almonte would be the best place to showcase their beautiful designer textiles & Buttons.

We opened our first store in the 240 Sparks Shopping Centre, which is located in the downtown core of Ottawa. At this location, we sold high quality textiles for clothing as well as a selection of Home Couture articles such as pillows, throws, and pillars. But after four years, we found that we had outgrown our premises and decided to look for a new home.

We moved into a larger space on Bank Street.  At this location we refined our collection of fabrics and focussed on quality textiles.  At this location we also realized that we did not need a busy Main street or shopping mall to do our business.  After five years on Bank Street, we decided to expand into a larger premises.

We then moved to 153 Preston Street.  At this location, not only did we sell high quality dressmaking textiles and designer buttons (43 000 in stock), but we also featured sewing classes.    We have also launched our ready-to-wear collection.  Darrell Thomas Collection was launched to have timeless clothing pieces made with the best fabrics.  Clothing may be purchased from the racks or ordered in another fabric from our store, the possibilities are endless!

Although we thought that this was our forever home, another business locked us out of our lease and we were forced to find a new home.  In September of 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, we found a wonderful new location in the lovely town of Almonte, Ontario.  Our new home is at 7 Mill Street in the Victoria Woolen Mill.  We re-opened on November 17, 2020 and have started over once again.

Our business is built upon a reputation of trust and honesty. We hope that you are as passionate about our new store as we are. If you are in Almonte, please feel free to drop by! 

We look forward to serving you!

– Darrell & Thomas, Founders