Putting it Together Image Consulting

We have worked with Michelle Horne for the past 15 years and have been amazed with her knowledge and experience.  After watching Michelle help a client find their perfect colour palette, I immediately had my colours done.  After that, most of my immediate friends and family had theirs done also.

Seeing the value of her services, we immediately started having Michelle teach courses in our store and help our clientele.  If you would like to know what colours look best on you and make you feel amazing, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle. 

Starting in Spring 2021, you will find "Colour Palette" in the description of some of our products.  This service is provided by Putting it Together to assist clients choose the appropriate fabric for their colour pallette.

If you believe that you would like to invest in you and would like to contact Michelle, her information is as follows....

PHONE: (613) 253-0081
EMAIL: michelle@puttingittogether.ca