Sewing 911.  Hardcover
Sewing 911.  Hardcover

Sewing 911. Hardcover

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Book: Sewing 911

Author :  Barbara Deckert

Year:  2001

Pages: 154

Everyone who sews has had at least one sewing emergency and most have had more than they care to mention. Sewing 911 to the rescue! In her many years as a professional seamstress, author Barbara Deckert has experienced countless glitches -- and lived to tell about them. With good humor and a practical approach to improving sewing skills, Deckert shares her secrets for salvaging projects, even when things have gone terribly wrong.
-- Offers common-sense solutions the professionals use.
-- Includes step-by-step instructions and more than 200 color photos.
-- Enclosed spiral binding allows it to lie flat on the sewing table.